The Corps de Ballet Collection

The Corps de Ballet Collection is handcrafted in England, made up of traditional pointe shoes made inside out and turned to reveal the right side of the pointe shoe after the shoemaker has hand pasted the toe box into the shoe. These lightweight shoes are known and loved by dancers that want the shoe to mold quickly to their foot.  From the stage, dancers appear to wear flat slippers when wearing shoes from this collection. Many artistic directors favor the aesthetic of Suffolk® pointe shoes made in this traditional British style of shoemaking. They are the only classic pointe shoes that feature Suffolk’s patented design which extends the life of the shoe.


The Suffolk® Spotlight™ was the first pointe shoe in our line to introduce our patented design. This comfortable pointe shoe for bunions or dancers with large toe joints cups the foot at the metatarsals for extra support. The Spotlight™’s patented design is unique in its ability to help all dancers get over the platform in correct placement, while the insole allows them to fully articulate their foot. The lightweight shoe is made it hug the arch, while offering the dancer support and lift, and also deters sitting in the shoe.


The Suffolk® Sterling™ has the most classic pointe shoe shape in our line. This is a pointe shoe for compressible feet and lifts and elevates the foot en pointe. One of broadest platforms in our collection provides the ability to improve balance on pointe. The elegant line of the Sterling™ allows for proper placement and aids in alignment. The shoe has a medium profile and suits dancers that prefer Suffolk’s medium vamps.